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For more than 30 years CTC Company is operating in pickling, oil flushing e pressure testing in industrial plants like:

CTC premises

  • Rolling mill (any type)
  • Melt shop
  • Pipe mill
  • Continuous Casting Machine
  • Galvanizing line
  • Pickling line
  • Cryogenic plant
  • Oxygen system network

And virtually in any industrial plant where hydraulic systems are necessary.

industrial plant CTC also performs, chemical cleaning, oil and water flushing, start up operation and pressure testing in:

  • Cruise ships, Military ships, Cargo and yacht’s shipyards
  • Industrial boilers
  • CHP
  • Heat exchangers
  • Power plants

The performed jobs are, essentially:

ISO Certified

  • Pickling of new or old pipelines and equipments
  • Chemical cleaning of new or old pipelines and equipments
  • Flushing of new or revamped hydraulic - water – fuel systems
The on field Jobs are supported by a planning work performed in our technical office. The efficiency of our Firm in coping with its duties is certified by:

CTC was established in 1978 by a group of technicians who acquired a high level of renowned experience in the field of chemical treatment applied to the construction and maintenance of the industrial plants; its activities are performed in Italy and abroad.
CTC technicians -supported by suitable equipments for on-site analysis- can perform the on-site analytical controls to certify their work .
CTC has a whole range of machines and equipments suitable to satisfy all technical requirements -even unusual ones- that can be found during start-up or maintenance activity. Such range has been gradually increased during years, to allow covering -at the same time- of jobs in time and places well far away each other.

Confident on its experience, results, and efforts CTC people is really sure to be able to satisfy the requests of their Customers, anywhere they may arise.

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